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Josie Metcalfe

‘ ‘ I make no excuses; this is my favourite photo and I’m going to use it forever! It was taken for my passport (Yes, really! They’re not always bad!) just before I got married to the love of my life.’ ’

Josie Metcalfe, Romantic Novelist

Coming Soon

I just love the pictures at the top of each page of my website, every one of them an example of how beautiful it is in my corner of the world.

It took me a while but I finally admitted that I needed some help with designing the cover image for my books and as my personal preference was for all the books to share the same image with only the individual titles being changed, I've been delighted with the response to my final choice.

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No Alternative

No Alternative

The first in a series of books set in St Augustine's hospital.

Ella (Elinore) is the daughter of eminent medics who alienated her whole family when she decided she would rather become a chiropractor.

Adam is a dedicated orthopaedic surgeon whose attitude towards alternative and complimentary therapies has been strongly coloured by his sister’s death. He is torn between his attraction towards Ella as a person and his mistrust of her profession while she resents Adam denigrating her profession the way hr parents always have even as her attraction to him grows. With both of them appointed to a research forum, clashes are inevitable but that doesn’t stop the attraction growing between them.

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