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Crazy or what?

30th April 2024

With an oft-repeated 'suggestion' from my husband ringing in my ears, last October I embarked on an MA in Creative Writing with the Open University.
Cue Terror!
What on Earth did I think I was doing, trying to enter the exalted realms of advanced Academia, on top of my 'day job' of writing, trying to get to grips with the website, reading (lots of reading!). But here I am, just one more assignment - four-thousand words of fiction; either a complete short story or a section of a longer work - and I'll be half-way there!
Wish me luck!


30th March 2024

Sometimes I really don't like computers! (being polite, here)
There I was, busily putting covers on my books for the website and suddenly the screen was black (no, I don't know what I did wrong) and when I tried to access the memory stick full of my hours of work, it said it was empty!
And, of course, it's happened over the long Bank Holiday weekend, so no help available - at least, not without feeling guilty for disrupting other people's lives.
So, compose my soul in patience and see if I can access the OU assignment I've been working on, crossing my fingers that it hasn't disappeared, too...

Take a Deep Breath...

27th March 2024

After allowing my website to languish in limbo for far too long, I'm finally going to learn how to put 'stuff' up on it myself. Apparently, I just need to take a deep breath and dive in.
Well, I'm off to a good start with a couple of hours of detailed instruction so here we go!
Or so I thought...
It rapidly became apparent that there was something seriously amiss with my computer (brain surgery, please, doctor!) and something equally amiss with my signal (my nice warm 'writing room' gets the worst signal in the house but waiting for warmer weather before I can work in the biggest draughtiest room to take advantage of its far better signal strength isn't an option).
So, my solution is to wrap up like an Eskimo and pray for summer to arrive early. Wish me luck!